How to Start First Blog & Blogging Website

I created this website because I wanted to start a blog and then teach other people about the process that I went through. In this first blog entry I’m going to go through every step that I took to get my very first blog up and running. The steps that I took in this article are the same steps that I have used to create a number of previous websites and they are also the same basic steps that I used to create the very website you’re on right now.

Now the first thing you might be saying is that “Kat, As a beginner creating a blog is super confusing, I have tried and I don’t know how to get started” and the good news is I am here to help you to become a successful blogger so you can make money from blogging. I was once in the same boat that you are in rite now, I didn’t know anything about How To Start Blogging or starting a website and when I started to set up my first page I found it difficult to read through some of the how-to guides that I found on Google. Many of the more filled with a lot of really technical language and required a number of coding skills that I just didn’t have.

Today I’ve successfully managed to launch 13 different websites and I decided that I would come back to share tips for starting a blog and to share some of my knowledge in some easier language to prevent somebody having to decipher some of the more technical entries I read through originally.

Before you get discouraged on starting a blog because you don’t know any coding or you feel like you might be too young or too old, it’s important to note that anyone can start a blog by Learn to Blog Online. In just 10 or 20 min. You can create a website with the template, with no knowledge of code and start posting your thoughts online.

If you are the one, who has a number of queries regarding How To Create A Free Blog, then follow the steps below. If you get stuck and want to contact me feel free as well! I will try to get back to everyone with the questions I might receive and I’m more than willing to help people that want to start down the path of creating & having a successful blog.

Here’s How To Get Started

Learn Blogging OnlineThe best quality blogs are written about subjects that the author is very passionate about. If you have topics that you are really passionate about like technology or knitting, blog about it and share your passion with he world. Don’t start a blog to make money with popular topics you aren’t passionate about. Write about what makes you happy instead. If you are an industry expert and you can deliver some insider knowledge about a topic as well your content will have extra added value which can make your blog successful very popular.

Tips for Creating BlogWhen you’re first starting out you will definitely want to use WordPress as a blogging platform. WordPress is one of the most commonly used blogging platforms in the world and over 89 million websites and blogs have been created using WordPress. The nice part about using this blogging system is that WordPress can host your blog for free with one of their subdomains ( as the address for your blog. Before I go on I would like to mention I do not recommend this. I recommend this, You can also install a blog you create on WordPress into your own purchased hosting with any web host. A few Tips For Blogging On WordPress can help in making things easier for you. WordPress is definitely one of the best options because you can register for your own domain, you get access to a lot of different themes and plug-ins that you don’t need to know any code to use and you have lots of control over your blog including the ability to display ads and earn money. If you do decide to pay for a domain and hosting it’s important to note that it really doesn’t cost that much. Even if you’re afraid in making an investment for your blog, you get access to a lot more features when you are willing to host your blog and use your own domain. Domain registration services maybe only cost around $10 a year however if you buy the hosting we recommend then your domain is free! The hosting package that actually holds all of your website content on a server generally cost around four dollars a month .

Create a Blogging WebsiteIf you have decided to go down the road of self hosting your blog or website, you will need to register a domain name. When picking a domain name it’s very important you pick something you’re attached to. A domain name should be easy to remember, very catchy and something unique. It doesn’t always have to reflect your website content and it could be a buzzword like google or yahoo, as long as it’s something catchy your website has the chance to gain more readers and people are much more likely to return to your website. Think long and hard about choosing a domain name and remember that most web hosts feature domain name registration so that you can pay for the registration of your domain name and then purchase hosting immediately after.

How to Start First Blog As mentioned before, coupon codes are a great resource that I have used in the past to reduce the overall costs of starting up a blog. There are lots of different domain name registration companies and hosting companies available online. Some of the most popular include host gator, dreamhost and godaddy. The problem that I faced in the past is that I wasn’t too happy with some of these companies because they were overselling the services that they had to offer. Because these hosts are so widely used they don’t offer the same type of customer support and they don’t value their customers as well as some of the smaller hosting companies. I recommend you try out this place and you can click on the link here —> hosting ( FREE domain when you purchase hosting, Thank us later!!! ) . I really like this host because they feature one click blog installation for WordPress blogs and websites. This means that once you have created your WordPress site online, you can simply click a few buttons on your dashboard and have your website uploaded and ready for self hosting with its own unique domain that you registered for earlier.

Other hosting websites simply can’t touch this one click blog installation service. For those with a bit more technical background you can also set up your blog manually. If you have had professional web design services completed or you are copying over your company website from a different host, manual installation might be the way to go. I would definitely use a tutorial if you plan on installing your blog manually however if you really do not think you can do this just click on the button at the top labeled contact Kat and I charge a small fee and I can set up your wordpress blog on your hosting after you purchased your hosting and your domain or even can help you in Creating A Blogging Web site. I usually get this process done within 24 hrs from when you purchase and will send you your login details so you now can start blogging and become a successful blogger.

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